Successful B2B Cross-Selling With 3rd Party Partners

Partners Helping Each Other

B2B Cross-selling is a seldom discussed topic of selling. This is because traditional B2B selling has a variety strategies and tactics business professionals can rely on, whereas selling 3rd-party services to another business has very few that work consistently. Some traditional sales methods may be useful in landing a 3rd party cross-sale; however, this type of selling often requires its own unique strategy. One of the best ways to generate sales is with a strategic partnership. Partners allow you to sell a solution to a problem, not just a product. B2B cross-selling with a third party can help you find solutions based on your customer's problems. This helps you to develop a cross-sale strategy based on your customer's needs. 

Gain Customer Trust

Cross-selling with other brands that your customer trusts gives your solution more credibility. If you can find out which vendors your clientele prefers, you will have a strong advantage in the sale. This continues to present the cross-sale as a reasonable solution to a potential problem.

Choose a Complementary Partner

Like traditional selling, B2B cross-selling may only need a good sales pitch behind it if the two services work well to make a solution. By being selective on the third party partner you work with you can start to see success with your B2B cross-selling campaign. Purposing a solution, rather than a product, helps give your customer more reason to purchase. Partnerships that compliment your product or service give your customer convenience. Finding your target customer's preferred vendors may also help to give your solution more credibility, prompting the sale.

Sell Your Part of the Solution

Cultivating partnerships with products or services that compliment yours will help create the solution your customer needs. Sell your product or service first, and then mention how the third party’s product or service could genuinely help the other business. Mention about how the product compliments the other one, but keep the pitch genuine. As mentioned on Kissmetrics web site, cross-selling works when you ask the right questions, and emphasize the value found in the solution to the customer.   Gain customer trust by partnering with vendors they trust, choose a partner with the most complementary products, and make sure to showcase your products for successful B2B cross-selling.

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