How can I shorten long sales cycles?

The B2B sales cycle is often long because it involves decision making from a team of executives from different department. Closing sales also takes time because of other hurdles like deliberations on your product. Here we give some tips to shorten long sales cycles. The following are some suggestions you can incorporate in your selling to reduce the sales cycle:

Have a Clear Brand Message

Most of the discussions in your prospects’ boardrooms will revolve around your product and how it will benefit the organization. You can shorten the discussions if you have a strong and differentiated brand message. From the onset, prospects should know what your product is and how it can help them.

Know Your Audience

B2B marketing involves pitching to a group of people to align their thoughts and help them make a decision. This team may comprise of individuals from different departments. You should how to appeal to every person in the audience. For instance, a marketing department representative might be more interested at how buying your product will results in increased sales. On the other hand, a technical rep may be more interested in how the product will increase productivity. Find a way to address the concerns of every member in the decision making team.

Optimize your Website for Target Keywords

Thee sales cycle begins when a prospect comes into contact with your company and ends when a sale is closed. Your first contact with the prospect may not be their first with your business. Nowadays, buyers research on the Internet before buying. Therefore, you should optimize your website to rank for your target industry keywords. Also, provide adequate information about your solution such that when you approach buyers, they will already know about your product and can therefore make a decision faster.

Have a Lead Qualification Process

You probably have your marketing division scouting for new leads. To shorten the sales cycle, have a qualification process to identify leads to be passed on to sales and those that need more nurturing from marketing. Lead segmentation will give the sales team time to work with prospects that are ready to buy as the marketing department primes on those that need nurturing. The above are some of the ways in which you can shorten the sales cycle For the best results, you should incorporate all of them in your business.

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