I know about Web 2.0. Is There a “Sales 2.0″?


Most people familiar with the Internet and use of it for business are also familiar with Web 2.0 as the evolution of the Internet to an interacting social media platform. However, only a few folks are also familiar with the concept of Sales 2.0 and its value of collaboration sales.

Sales 2.0 is generally in its infancy and involves a great deal of synergy and fusion between online marketing and social media. In short, the concept involves the use of Web 2.0 tools, or social media, to intentionally increase the reach of online marketing in terms of inbound marketing, brand awareness development, product or service community creation, and online information exchange.

The more pragmatic of readers might say, fine, but where are the sales dollars actually generated? Generally, the financial benefits of Sales 2.0 comes from connecting with informed customers who already accept a product or service as a given solution via their own research. There's no need for cold-calling; these customers are already willing to seeking out a product based on their Internet knowledge. They are willing to provide their contact info to engage in more desired content. The trick of Sales 2.0 is to be that research that customers try to find to confirm their assumptions about buying a product.

The fundamental key of Sales 2.0 is that 1) customers are informed and already have a good idea what they are looking for, and 2) they arrive at a website or destination because it seems to provide the desired solution they are looking for. This is why search engine optimization, content, and interaction with consumers on a regular basis about given products and services matters so much. It connects them with the desired destination and they are given a reason to come back for more. This “volunteered” interaction by consumers then allows businesses to gain their information, i.e. warm leads, and target sales with more direct interaction.

The collaboration sales data provided creates the bridge that translates inbound marketing activity into viable sales accounts. And the best part about it is that much of the process can be automated, so it needs very few human hands to collect the valuable data. Simply knowing how to harvest the information, cull it in usable reports, and then get that resource into the salesperson’s hands represents the magic of a sales 2.0 system that works.

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