In Your B2B Customers’ Shoes – Feel Their Pain


Empathy is often under appreciated by b2b sales teams trying to connect with their B2B customer's needs. Yet the ability to understand and relate to your customer's core concerns is probably the most important element in the new solution selling driving cutting edge business-to-business selling strategies. Understanding the essence of a customer's problem instantly makes you a team member in finding a solution. And there may be no greater impetus to action for a buyer than knowing that they're dealing with someone who shares their view and concerns. Empathy Sells The central element of the new solution selling methodology that distinguishes it from other selling methodologies rests in your developing the skill of identifying the key problem a buyer is attempting to address, and looking for a solution from their perspective. In other words, learning to evaluate the opportunity from the inside. This approach is a selling skill that prioritizes customer engagement over merely targeting people with a scripted message. The new solution selling emphasizes the importance of creating a trusted relationship. Solutions Trump Tactics   Turning a typical sales interaction into an advisory dialogue is easier said than done, but developing a competency in this regard is the core of the new solution selling, and something that has the potential to give your business the edge it may have been missing. Working to find solutions from the vantage point of your customer's frame of reference rests on your ability and willingness to be inspired by such aptitudes as:

  • seeing win-win answers to dilemmas
  • resolution brainstorming
  • determining value
  • expertise in evaluating situations
Working to instill such a tool-set approach to interacting with your customers fundamentally changes your relationship with them, and the results that emerge. By staying focused on the true value of a resolution to any problem, you put on the same cap as your customer and dramatically increase the odds of finding a mutually beneficial outcome. The bottom line is that learning to view the b2b selling process as a needs problem to be fixed – not as a selling challenge – is the key. The new solution selling revolves around this realization, and so does the prospect of continued growth.

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    In Your B2B Customers’ Shoes – Feel Their Pain | | #B2B #Salesteam #Selling

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    In Your B2B Customers’ Shoes – Feel Their Pain | | #B2B #Salesteam #Selling


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