Getting Started with a B2B Selling Process

B2B Sales Process Planning

When you engage B2B customers, you have a number of things to consider to get the selling process started. The beginning of any sale starts with marketing and lead generation. You do have to find the people that you're going to sell your product or service to, after all. Generating leads and marketing is a critical step in any business. You have to be certain that your company is visible, that people can see the benefits or reasons for working with you, and that you have something to offer. Once you get these two elements working well, the rest of the B2B selling process will begin to fall into place.  Marketing and lead generation can be done in many ways, including:

  • Trade Shows/Expos
  • Organic Searches
  • White Papers
  • B2B Events
  • Referrals
  • Purchased sales leads
What you are trying to gain from this is a good list of MQLs, or Marketing Qualified Leads. There's a difference between quality and quantity, and you need to make sure that your marketing generates quality leads, or in this case MQLs. It will do you much better to have a fair number of MQLs than to have a high number of generic, potential leads that may or may not carry through the B2B selling process. You can do this in many ways, but essentially it comes down to your marketing teams taking the time to validate the leads they generate. It's necessary to look at potential leads, see where they come from, what problems they have, and whether your product or service could meet their needs.  Genuinely providing a solution to your customers' problems is what sells products.  And when selling to other businesses, that's even more critical.  Businesses don't generally buy based upon fads for styles the way consumers do. If you have a handful of marketing qualified leads that you have vetted, you will be better off than someone with pages upon pages of generic, unqualified leads.  Your sales staff will spend more time closing deals than cold calling. Marketing and lead generation are critical elements for any business transaction or sale. With a disciplined B2B selling process, you're marketing using your marketing and sales resources more efficiently.  Get disciplined. Get efficient. Use a B2B selling process.

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