CRM – NOT for me !!


CRM has become the new buzz word for the sales management. It is touted as the key to selling effectiveness. Vendors portray CRM as the linchpin of the sales process despite the known issues for the salesperson. Maintaining the CRM involves a lot of time on the part of the salesperson who must enter prospect information and maintain opportunities as information evolves, especially in complex B2B sales. With the highly competitive nature of sales, each salesperson looks to control their opportunities in one way or the other, ensuring they have the best chance to convert the opportunity to a sell. Organizations need to be very careful that the CRM opportunity sales process is not wasting precious customer facing time. Time updating the CRM opportunity data is not the only time taker. Changing estimated win date, estimated revenue and other key opportunity parameters trigger numerous questions across the organization and put the salesperson in an internal justification modus instead of an external selling mode. CRM has its role in nowadays business since it helps to predict future revenue streams through the pipeline features, dispatch leads to the right sales groups and other useful functionality. Most advantage from CRM deployment has the sales management since it provides a real time snap shot of the performance of the sales organization and helps setting sales priorities. But to what extend are we willing to sacrifice customer facing time ? When we agree that CRM is required in nowadays business, as mentioned before, we should provide salespeople with real selling automation tools that increase sales efficiency to compensate for investments they do for the better of the whole organization.

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