Collaboration Sales Guidance

Collaboration at Work

Successfully using collaboration sales techniques requires more than just a shift in attitude. Being a collaborative sales team starts with looking at the sales process as a way to help the client figure out his own needs and how to use your services to meet them. However, it also requires some specific techniques to work effectively.

Gather Information

A collaboration sale comes from a deep understanding of the client and his needs. To be able to collaborate with the client to find solutions, avoid long periods of small talk and focus instead on his business. Ask insightful questions to not only identify client needs but, when necessary, to help the client define his own needs.  Asking these questions will make it possible for you to collaborate with the client to create a solution.

Present Interactively

In a collaboration-based process, the best presentation is interactive and focused on the client's needs, rather than being a static presentation of your "story." Collaboration sales people think of their sales presentation as a process by which they sit down with their prospects and identify ways to meet those needs. As with the information gathering stage, it's important that the prospect talk throughout the presentation. If your products suit their needs, the client will give you the opening to recommend what you have to offer. Done right, the process can even eliminate the need to handle objections.

Follow Up

Collaboration doesn't end when the contract gets signed. Since you collaborated with the client on finding the solution, you'll want to continue working with the client on implementing the solutions you helped him develop. This gives you an opportunity to maintain the relationship and use it for additional collaboration sales. It also helps you maintain front-of-mind position with the client so that he is more likely to recommend you and your services to other companies.   Done well, collaboration sales makes the sales process more amiable. It changes the way that your prospects think of you, letting you become a member of their team instead of a salesperson that needs to be resisted. It might be different from traditional sales methods, but its results can also be different -- and better.

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