Can Collaboration Help Me Exceed My Quota?

Sales Team with Ideas

The concept of collaboration sales fundamentally involves the sharing of information to leverage increased sales output. However, sometimes the idea is almost abhorrent to traditional and successful sales people. Sharing means potentially making one’s self vulnerable and trusting others to do their part. In the competitive world of quotas and sales targets, sharing doesn’t seem to jive well on its face. However, understanding collaboration sales better might offer an alternative view.

Productive Social Media

Many who don’t see the value of social media connections view it as just another hyped-up push for a Facebook or Twitter account that eats up too much valuable time. And useless chatter it can become if the tool is not used with planning behind it. However, when people share ideas for a community improvement, everyone involved gains and moves ahead. This is an age-old concept that a team can produce far more than an individual, no matter how good an individual may be on his own. Sales teams who use social media and collaboration can easily use each other’s ideas, information, thoughts, and assumptions to improve their own work, that is if everyone involved can get past their personal barriers and fears of trusting each other. When that happens, sales teams often start to emulate the functions of intelligence agencies. They collect data, identify patterns of behavior, craft up solutions on how to leverage those trends, and they execute plans with efficiency and effectiveness. Again, the collaboration sales approach often ends up being far more powerful than individuals with simple sales targets.

Collaboration Tools

Yes, it’s possible that collaboration platforms can seem like a second email inbox a person has to check every morning. That would be the case for someone who sees the tool as a chore versus an asset. However, motivated teams realize electronic sharing is simply the same thing they would do if they were in-person. Just look at the methodology of a scrum; people get together, share information, identify issues, brainstorm solutions, peg assignments and break for the day to do it all over again the next morning, all in fifteen or so minutes. Fear still pervades among sales professionals, giving up too much and becoming expendable. However, people can be far more valuable leveraging mutual knowledge, producing exponentially greater results for sales quotas. And at the end of the day, everyone likes a tool that produces higher and higher levels of profit.  So, yes.  Collaboration can help you exceed your quota, and the quotas of those around you.

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