B2B Solution Selling – Sales Team Effectiveness


"All for one, and one for all" was the slogan of the Three Musketeers; but the slogan hardly represents anything common in the sales industry. Generally speaking, sales professionals are driven by several facets that all directly relate to their individual rewards. With so much focus on individual performance, there has rarely been room for collaborative efforts. Simply put, the coveted title of "Salesman of the Year" is singular with no indications of co-conspirators. In a complex environment as B2B solution sales it is a prerequisite to function as one (1) team. This to leverage the individual strengths within the sales team to deliver an unparalleled client experience. In addition, one person cannot be in multiple places at one time, one sales professional cannot effectively accommodate the needs of a single B2B client that has several satellite offices distributed around the world. However, the bolstered selling effectiveness from collaboration selling requires more than the traditional meeting of the minds and teamwork. To keep the sales team effectiveness high real-time information sharing is key. Using modern technology an environment can be create which fulfills these requirements: Pivot It Inc.

  • Collaboration workspaces connect various involved professionals in a virtual environment. In B2B solution selling these professionals can the sales people, partners and even customers. Due to the team mixture the workspaces (pivots) must be secure and deal with the confidential information arrangements of all parties involved.
  • Needs Analysis are an efficient way to streamline requirements discussions between the involved parties. Linking workspaces that represent a possible solution for a certain need increases the team efficiency tremendously.
  • Document repositories are nice but what matters is the most up-to-date information. Also here confidential information arrangements are required due to the team mixture that share a workspace (pivot).

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