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B2B Selling Evolved - Selling Automation

In the last decade, the nature of B2B selling has changed greatly with the introduction of new ways to communicate with prospects, vendors, partners, and employees. Technology has accelerated the speed at which modern businesses operate, in turn making any business looking to meet its potential reliant upon other new technologies and methodologies. Fortunately, these changes benefit everyone--B2B selling has never been better, if you know how to use the new tools at your disposal. For more information click here.

Social Media

Every business has been changed by the evolution of social media, and B2B selling is no different. Business networking sites such as LinkedIn and general networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Quora have created an ecosystem where salespeople can reach out and interact directly with the movers and shakers of their industry. Savvy business people will capitalize on this opportunity; a carefully crafted social media strategy can stand alone or accent any number of modern B2B selling techniques, bypassing the normal channels of business communication to deliver your message directly to those who might act.

Sales Force Automation

Like social media, adequate sales force automation software has become near-mandatory for B2B selling. Utilizing a high quality Customer Relationship Management platform enhances the efficiency of an individual or team far beyond what they might achieve without such assistance—quite simply, CRM software streamlines the sort of data collection and organization which has long separated genius salespeople from the average, giving its users more time to focus on cultivating relationships and implementing sales strategies.

Collaborative Selling

The lightning fast nature of modern communications has given rise to several new ways of selling. The reduction in walls between salespeople and their prospects makes tactics which in the past could not be relied upon as a primary sales method into powerful weapons. In particular, the collaborative selling method has become increasingly valuable for B2B selling. With the collaborative selling method, a salesperson acts in concert with the client to identify their needs and provide solutions. The key to collaborative selling, what distinguishes it from consultative selling and was previously a breaking point for the technique, is working jointly with the client. Buyers understand their problems in ways that solution providers rarely can—in turn, they often understand solutions in ways their original sellers never did. By taking advantage of modern communications to rapidly exchange ideas and tactics, buyers and sellers in the collaborative selling model create new opportunities.

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