B2B Sales: 3 Key Pain Points of A Decision-Maker

B2B sales has changed in response to the challenges faced by B2B buyers and decision makers

The world of B2B sales and B2B selling has changed tremendously as buyers face unique challenges in today’s age of technology. As a B2B sales person you need to understand the pain points that B2B decision-makers face. Three of the most common pain points that buyers have to overcome include:

Not Having Enough Time

In our fast-paced modern society, decision makers face an increased amount of things to do with the same amount of hours in the day. If your solution allows a business owner or manager to complete important tasks in a shorter timeframe and you can clearly convey this to prospects, they will be more likely to consider and eventually purchase what you have to offer.  Strategic Sales & Marketing, Inc. advises sales professionals to utilize statistics relating to labor hours and process speed increases. Clearly showing prospects a savings in time is a powerful step to advance the buying process.

Problems With Company Authority

In B2B selling, you will often be dealing with more than one decision maker. End users often have to channel their decisions through purchasing managers, who often have to vet their own buys through CFOs or executive boards. When these hidden parties arise in the sales process, things get complicated. According to HubSpot, sales professionals can handle these particular objections by acknowledging that the objections of the third party are valid, addressing these objections before talking to them, and then setting up a time to meet with these parties to alleviate their problems with your solutions.

Not Understanding Their Problem

Sometimes you will have to illustrate pain to your prospects that might not always be apparent on the surface. B2B decision makers are too busy to worry about issues that they are not aware of, as they have to focus on the most pressing problems that they face. Successful B2B selling involves a concise explanation of why your prospects have a problem and how your product or service adds value by addressing this problem for the buyer’s organization.

Study and learn to recognize these pain points: then learn how to solve them for customers. Easing pain in a business sense makes you a valuable asset to an organization. When you clearly show prospects your personal value as a professional and the value of your solution, you are well on your way to closing the sale.

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