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Stanford Educated. Over 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley at large and small semiconductor and Consumer Electronics companies handling technical support, customer communications, product marketing and sales. Specialties: Communicating technical concepts to the non-technical including finding solutions to technical barriers to customer success.

B2B Selling Evolved

B2B Selling Evolved - Selling Automation

In the last decade, the nature of B2B selling has changed greatly with the introduction of new ways to communicate with prospects, vendors, partners, and employees. Technology has accelerated the speed at which modern businesses operate, in turn making any business looking to meet its potential reli

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How can I shorten long sales cycles?

The B2B sales cycle is often long because it involves decision making from a team of executives from different department. Closing sales also takes time because of other hurdles like deliberations on your product. Here we give some tips to shorten long sales cycles. The following are some suggestion

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Using Social Media for Sales Collaboration

Social Media for Sales

The concept of collaboration selling is not a new one, but it wasn’t until recently that it started getting the attention that many business owners felt it deserved. Using social media for sales allows businesses to keep up with emerging trends in business, trends which have rendered online market

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