12 Mistakes to Avoid in B2B Selling

B2B sales person engaging in b2b selling process and avoiding mistakes

Making a mistake is usually a harmless error and can easily be rectified, unless that mistake is made in the process of conducting a business-to-business sales transaction.  When you commit an error while trying to close a sale, you obviously lose the profit you'd have made with the sale, but you can also lose key customers, reputation, and credibility.  It is therefore essential that you avoid making mistakes when selling products or services, to avoid causing potentially irreparable damage to your own credibility, and your company's. Here are 12 mistakes that can be made in B2B selling that you should avoid:

  1. Not listening to what your customer really wants.
  2. Not being prepared - fully prepared - to pitch the product/service and close the sale.
  3. Not educating your customer on the benefits and advantages of the product/service before going for the sale.
  4. Not paring down your conversation to content that is relevant.  Avoid too much chatter.
  5. Not reserving your judgments of your prospects until you've had time to really understand what they want and need.
  6. Not following up on leads or prospecting for new ones.
  7. Not asking for the sale. While you can head to the sales pitch too quickly, not making it at all is also a costly error.
  8. Not being informative and helpful rather than obnoxious and overly pitchy (overselling).
  9. Not being enthusiastic about what you are selling.  If you don't love it, they won't either.
  10. Not making sure your website is engaging, and interesting.  Most people pre-shop online before meeting face-to-face.
  11. Not knowing everything there is to know about what you are trying to sell, or be knowledgeable to get the right answers.
  12. Not being prepared to say "no" when you have to.  If you simply can't deliver, say so.
In B2B selling, you want to keep the transaction as succinct as possible, because you are dealing with another business rather than an individual consumer.  Business people are aware of time constraints and the importance of valuing effort and time investments in everything they do.  While this does allow you to quickly cut to the chase, you have to remember that you're also engaging in negotiations with someone who knows all the strategies and tactics for B2B selling.  Be open, and honest in your communication.

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